What will become the most treasured assets in the decades ahead? Where is the highest risk-reward potential today? How do we position ourselves in the emerging sustainable economy, from a financial point of view?

Saga Pure is the first listed green investment company on the Oslo Stock Exchange, 100% dedicated to investments in sustainability. We are the response to the fact that until now, prosperity in general has been created without sufficient environmental concerns. Most of the goods and services that have made our lives better, we will continue to want for the future. And there will even be new ones, that will further improve the standard of living across the world – however, without causing further damage to nature or people. That’s why we are putting our capital and efforts to work, advancing currently available, as well as the development of new green solutions.

The green investment company

With a strong team of financial and technological expertise, Saga Pure is committed to identifying and accelerating the best green initiatives of today and the future. Our tools are capital, competence and connections; providing the necessary resources to the companies that we consider to be the number one in their category today, or who have the potential to be number one tomorrow. This means taking positions in both listed and private companies. We operate as investors and as business developers, through active ownership.

All human and industrial activity have environmental impact. We seek out the most promising solutions which keep negative impacts at a minimum, while enabling a better future for all. The consciousness around sustainable growth is rising, and we’re excited to play a leading part in realizing it.

Selected investments (updated per Q2-22 reporting 25.08.22)

Bergen Carbon Solutions uses an innovative technology to produce valuable carbon nanofibers for industrial applications, using CO₂ and electricity.

STATUS: Holding 17.7% of the shares

Horisont Energi is an energy company focused on carbon tech to generate zero carbon value creation from world scale blue hydrogen, blue ammonia and carbon storages.

STATUS: Holding 10% of the shares & board position (Chair)

Heimdall Power offers a rapid transition to fully digitized electric grid assets with patented low-cost sensors and software portfolio.

STATUS: Holding 22% of the shares & board position

IC Technology is developing storage and distribution solutions for cryogenic gases with focus on liquid hydrogen

STATUS: Holding 32.6% of the shares & board position

Hyon is developing bunkering solutions for providing hydrogen fuel to the maritime sector

STATUS: Holding 17.6% of the shares & board position

Everfuel is making green hydrogen for zero emission mobility commercially available across Europe, offering competitive all-inclusive hydrogen supply- and fueling solutions.

STATUS: Realized investment with approximately NOK 260 million in gains

Pryme is a chemical recycling company converting non-recyclable waste plastics into petrochemical products. The output can be used to create new plastics, giving plastics a circular future.

STATUS: Realized investment with approximately NOK 7.7 million loss

Who we are

Saga Pure core values

We depend on this planet - Respect for nature and all living things lies at the foundation of who we are and what we do.

We are curious - What is right today, might not be tomorrow – as the world keeps changing. Staying curious is our way of keeping our knowledge relevant and sharp.

We are bold - Bold action and bold technologies are needed for the remediation of the global ecosystems. Some of the best investments might not be what consensus agrees upon today.

We are agile - While timing is key, sometimes time itself is of essence – we are able to move fast.


Bjørn Simonsen

CEOA true hydrogen pioneer, from both the business side and research. Bjørn has been instrumental in building the world leading hydrogen company, Nel, from its listing in 2014. Hiking from the north of Norway to the south, and back again some years back, briefly indicates his passion for nature.

Espen Lundaas

CFOAs former CEO of the company, Espen is one of the strategic minds behind going all green. He has extensive corporate and board experience, through Ferncliff TIH. Collecting heaps of refundable bottles at Norway Cup, his commitment to sustainability certainly started at a young age.

Florian Melcher

Investment ManagerBringing more than a decade of senior equity sales at Danske Bank, specialised in energy and renewables. To Florian, it all began by calculating the full potential of replacing the world’s fossil solutions. Norwegian champ in basketball twice, with his team Ulriken Eagles.

Jørgen Festervoll

VP Renewable OpportunitiesMore than 20 years worth of management consulting and devotion in the renewable energy sector. Jørgen has an exceptional overview and in-depth understanding of the accelerating green megatrend. And he is an entertainer, who loves to sing and play the piano.

Jørgen Kopperstad

VP Maritime OpportunitiesA front-runner in green ship design, with comprehensive hands-on experience on integrating zero emission and energy optimisation solutions in the maritime industry. Growing up Jørgen grasped sustainability about the time when he learned how to play the guitar.

Rob Stevens

VP Ammonia OpportunitiesAmmonia and Rob go back about 20 years, lately as VP Ammonia Energy and Shipping Fuel at Yara International. Now he’s tuned in on new production methods and applications of ammonia, in the service of decarbonisation. And his preferred pair of skis are still the ones he used during the Nordic World Ski Championships of 1993, in Falun.

Board of directors

Martin Nes

Chairman of the Board

Yvonne Litsheim Sanvold

Board Member

Øystein Stray Spetalen

Board Member

Gøril L. Andreassen

Board member