At Saga Pure we seek out the companies with the potential for greatness, whether it's within green technology or other assets. As a listed investment company on the Oslo Stock Exchange, we’re dedicated to bringing strong returns for our shareholders.

Our focus areas

The capital markets have changed a lot in the last 12 to 18 months, particularly within renewables. With increasing interest rates and inflation, the demand for higher returns also increases. We’re constantly evolving to adapt to these market changes. With an expanded investment mandate, we believe the company is in a better position to deliver returns to our shareholders.

Our main focus areas over the past 2,5 years have been:


We believe sustainably produced hydrogen will replace a significant share of the world’s oil, coal and gas consumption in mobility, industry and heating over the next few decades. There is an entirely new ecosystem being built in this space, and we are set to be involved in this development.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is the foundation and the big enabler for the energy transition the world now is going through. Although it has developed significantly and matured over the last decade, new and innovative ways of capturing, transforming and balancing renewable energy, combined with AI and IoT, are both accelerating and creating added value in the transition.

Circular Economy

While Earth’s resources are plentiful, everything has its limits. Resource harvesting and handling have significant environmental impact. Therefore, re-using and recycling are also becoming economically attractive alternatives to making products from scratch every time.


Too much of a good thing is bad. CO₂ is one of those things – in principle essential for the photosynthesis process of plants, as well as insulating the planet. But due to oversupply over the last century, we need to act. With CO₂ being both a problem and a resource, our focus is to look for the solutions which transform CO₂ into valuable products, or where capture and storage makes sense from a business perspective.